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Home Courses Courses Introduction. Study spiritual-based astrology from Beginners to Advanced Courses. The White Eagle Approach The movements of the stars and planets and their mutual relationships are closely linked with the unfoldment and development of the human soul.

The Centre for Psychological Astrology

Read more The course is available to Chinese, Dutch, and English language students. The school also offers advanced master's level accreditation for astrologers wishing to teach horary, through a four-year correspondence course which is studied on a one-to-one basis with a dedicated horary expert.

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  7. The school also offers a program of courses written by J. Unfortunately, not all of these courses are 'genuine', and in any case, the newer ones have not had time to establish themselves.

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    This means that even if you do gain a qualification we may NOT be able to automatically offer you membership. Also note that, because of the time that it takes to evaluate the course content and the standard of teaching, we are unable to comment on the suitability - or otherwise - of courses that are 'unknown' to us.

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