Month horoscope for pisces

Practically overnight, you realized that what once satisfied your needs no longer serves your soul. While this transformation may have caught you off guard, the types of bonds we need change as we evolve. This shift can be simple or extremely complex. With the Sun and Moon directly across from each other, you may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place: Do you follow your heart or mind? While every situation is different, the most important thing is to trust your intuition during this lunation. You are the most psychic, empathetic, sensitive sign of the zodiac.

You give others so much, Pisces love, so make sure you treat yourself with the same kindness and respect you show others. Remember that in order to fuel change, shifts need to occur in multiple dimensions. You must explore the roots of your routines and habits in order to make meaningful change. Your sign is symbolized by two fish moving in opposite directions, so you understand duality on a very deep, soulful level. Since late April, Saturn—the taskmaster of the zodiac—has been going retrograde in your extended community zone, making it difficult for you to create lasting friendships.

Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, October - VICE

Thankfully, Saturn goes direct on September 18, and this isolating experience will begin to dissipate. Be sure to lean into your friends a lot over the next few weeks, Pisces darling. Shit is intense for you right now. But be gentle with yourself, Pisces love.

September 12222 love compatibility horoscope for Pisces Sign

Confidence level and stamina will be boosted up till 16th October due to the transit of Sun in your seventh house. At last, maintain a strategic distance from controversial matters in case you would prefer to keep up harmonious professional ties.

Career: It is the ideal time to take a major stand for turning your dreams into reality. You will work towards growth and development of your career by investing your time and resources in it. Ex employees will request for a comeback chance, at that point it is fitting to welcome them into your company. You should work towards maintaining professional ties with foreign clients; this will be a boom for your career. Avoid commencing a new work after 16th October in the light of the fact that it will bring up unfavorable consequences. Business partnerships should be dealt in a very careful manner otherwise there are odds of conflicts.

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You will get business proposal from Multi National Companies. Your boss and seniors will acknowledge your diligent work and efforts. There are chances of promotion and appraisal as well.

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  • Your luck might take a brilliant turn and offer you an amazing opportunity to serve the government with your employment. This month will bring about an improvement in the past distorted bond. You will spend a quality time with your partner.

    Your Pisces Monthly Horoscope

    There will be give and take of whole lots of surprises and unexpected gifts. There will be an open space for plentiful of lovey-dovey moments such as dinner ad coffee dates, long drives movie nights and so forth! You both will go on a trip or an outing to a hill station. This trip will carry you both considerably closer to each other. It is prudent to be focused on your partner and relationship.

    Any sort of diversion can result in demolishing your relationship. Your spouse will get some brilliant opportunities in their professional life which will help them to climb stairs of success. Money and Finance: Speculative investments are going to be very profitable during October Be cautious while exchanging money and take necessary legal steps.

    You will fulfill your dreams and desires on the record of your excellent financial status. Your living standards will enhance due to your luxurious life style. Rest there is nothing to be stressed about. Students and Children: In case you were willing to start a new professional course, this is the ideal time. Your parents will be very supportive, both emotionally and financially and will motivate you at every step. Avoid wastage of time on social media and friends in the event you would prefer to score good grades in exams.


    In similar manner cut down your pointless expenses and adopt healthy eating habits. You will organize house parties and get together with a motive to gather all the relatives at one place. You will go out on a religious outing with your parents. Your dad will get a lot many opportunities in his professional life during this month.