January 30 tarot card

Tarot cards are just a collection of colored images on pieces of thick paper. How can pieces of colored paper possibly give someone information about the future? The influence of this society drove an ever-expanding interest throughout Western civilization in pursuing spiritual paths that were not aligned with… Continue Reading.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

I get asked — a lot — how I come up with a new story. The answer is pretty simple: I do research and the research tells me the story. Some years ago I was inspired to write a screenplay. Inspiration strikes. We marshal our resources and put into practice those techniques that we have learned over time will assist us in achieving our new objective.

PISCES Abundance Tarot Reading January 30-March 31st 2017

We take the first few steps,… Continue Reading. The Fool Card is the great mystery of the Major Arcana. As both Aquarius and Sagittarius energy are here, solutions to problems are sought after. Finding the adventure that's worth while chasing in life is here. Listening or searching for some type of connection with tthe spiritual world is also tempting. Whatever needs you face today, you may find the solution opens for you as you explore. This is a day of good luck and fortune for those individuals who don't let the past hold you back, but rather you drive the future by power of your choice.

Aries, your time for fun is coming. You live. You learn. You master.

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Sometimes you fall behind, but it's better to be late and amazing, than not show up at all! Everyone has problems but not everyone is prepared to solve them. Stay patient. Your time is coming. Taurus, look at the details. Some families a person is born into and others they create for themselves.

Daily Tarot Reading + Numerology Horoscope For Wednesday, January 30, 12222 For All Zodiac Signs

You have friends who are closer to you than any blood relative. You never forget to appreciate what you have. Energy spent on hoping someone values you is a waste of time. Gemini, hard work pays off for you.

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New opportunity in friendship opens. Cancer, a fresh start. New energy moves into your career and educational goals. Change is on the horizon. Dig in and use your natural inclination towards perseverance to ride the wave.

Tarot Cards for Each Zodiac Sign

Discouragement will not last long, but you will. Leo, you're in charge of your life. Confidence grows by the close of the day and improves your chances for a deep connection with someone special. Where confusion remains, consult a trusted advisor.

Don't let the little things throw off your vibe. Good news up ahead and you're in the driver's seat. Virgo, not all is a loss.

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Your ambition might spark waves with someone you love, but don't let it get you down. You'll rise above the conflict on the winning end of things. Your creative spirit and resourceful nature will get an extra dose of help from the universe. New doors open through a friend or colleague. Sagittarius, good luck comes your way.