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We want you to understand that abundance expands proportionately to match desire, and that there is great untapped abundance not yet allowed by the very humans who have created it.

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When your life experience causes a focused desire within you, the means to fulfill that desire is created at the same timeā€”but you have to be on the Vibrational wavelength with your desire in order to see the path to the fulfillment of it. A belief in shortage or lack will prevent your discovery of the path to your own creation, and any feeling of resistance indicates that you are on the wrong Vibrational path.

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As you focus upon your breathing and the music and words of your meditation recording, you will deactivate your usual resistance to abundance, and you will discover the satisfying feeling of positive expectation and success. And then, the manifestation of that success must come to you. It is Law!

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Click Here to have the Daily Quote sent to your e-mail! Saxena also asked DEOs to appeal to all eligible citizens to get themselves enrolled with qualifying date January 1, during the special summary revision for which draft roll will be published on November He said the final roll would be published on January 6, and all necessary preparatory steps to be taken to conduct the elections before the expiry of the term of the current legislative assembly on February 22, As per latest notification of ECI, senior citizens above 80 years electors and People with Disability PwD can exercise the option to cast their vote through Postal Ballots, if they so desire.

Accordingly, these electors shall be verified and flagged in the electoral roll so that postal ballots are issued to them during elections, the statement said. Marking of PwD voters shall be ensured so that all such voters are flagged in the electoral roll, it said.


All polling stations shall be physically verified to ensure provisions of assured minimum facilities such as ramps, toilets, signages, proper furniture, proper lightings, drinking water, etc, the statement said. Saxena stressed on providing a comfortable and happy voting experience.

Tuesday, 12 November Home Top Stories. Sagittarius, get earthy. Dig deep into something creative today. It will help you to feel more grounded and rooted. You need to keep both feet on the ground. Capricorn, your thoughts, ideas, and words align well for you today. Inspirational messages, songs, and people touch your heart and lift your spirit.

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Surround yourself with sources of light. Aquarius, the troubles of life appear smaller today.

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You see the big picture and your thinking helps you to formulate a plan to achieve your goals. Pisces, strive to understand the spiritual principles of money today.

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Learn them. Giving is a sign of trust in the universe and what you trust, you can build a relationship with. Aria Gmitter, M. Find her on Facebook for more. Follow Us.

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