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Judith Foster, United States February 11, I was looking forward to this reading, and I wasn't disappointed. You really touched on so many important things, and you helped me understand my chart a lot better Thank you so much, I'm sure I'll be ordering another reading very soon! Hayley, United States May 7, Thank you so much for your reading! It was tremendously insightful and packed with useful information about myself as a person and about the challenges I'm currently facing You mentioned some pervasive issues in my life clearly and elegantly and helped me improve my understanding of their dynamics Thank you again for your very professional, sensitive and comprehensive reading!

Andra, Germany May 7, I just listened to your reading and thoroughly enjoyed it I could definitely relate to the dynamics as you describe them. Your interpretation was pretty amazing - considering we have never met - it was as though you knew me, which of course you do You made so much sense, and I deeply appreciate you pointing out the solutions Thank you again for your incisive insight Faith Ruth Hadikin, England September 20, February 7, The reading, listening and sharing worked well together. The audio lessons were especially helpful and I picked up a lot of new concepts and details about natal charts.

This to me is key in a teacher. She has been able to move from those old power relationships in teaching, being one with us, but always the teacher, authority and guide. I have been looking at my note books for these last weeks and they are filled with astrology: drawings, thoughts Location of Planets in Houses Aspects The Hindu aspects are applied counting from sign to sign. All planets aspect the 7th sign counted from the signs occupied by them.

In addition Mars aspects the 4th and 8th signs, Jupiter aspects the Page 46 5th and 9th signs, while Saturn aspects the 3rd and 10th signs by special aspect. In the attached example chart, Sun in Aries is in conjunction with Mercury as the planets in the same sign are supposed to be conjoined. Moon in Capricorn is in conj. Mars in Taurus is in conj. Jupiter aspects Saturn in Virgo by its special 5th aspect and also Moon and Rahu in Capricorn by its 9th special aspect.

Rahu in Capricorn acts as agent of Moon by conj. Ketu in Cancer acts as agent of Moon by aspect of Moon. In the attached example chart, only Moon is in its own star Moon and Jupiter and Rahu do not have any planet in their stars. Page 47 Basic Significators 1.

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A planet signifies the matter through the following three levels according to the occupation and lordship of the houses: 1 The planet signifying the source of the matter; 2 The star lord of the planet revealing the nature of the results of the matter; 3 The sub lord of the planet showing as the deciding factor whether the matter is favorable or not. A star lord is stronger than a planet and a sub lord is more powerful than a star lord. KP is the sub lord theory, nothing else. The discovery of the influence of the sub lord has added a new dimension to the stellar astrology.

If the indication at the star level is general, the sub makes it specific. If a planet is in the star of the occupant of the 2nd house of finance, but in the sub of occupant of the 12th house of loss, the result will be financial loss. If the sub lord is a strong significator of 11th house of gain, it is the indication of financial gain.

If the sub lord is a strong significator of 6th house of loan, there will be financial gain through borrowing. The sub lord is useful as the deciding factor in the following cases: 1 Whether a planet is auspicious or inauspicious for the house signified by that planet according to the sub lord of that planet; 2 Whether the matter denoted by the house in question is promised or not according to the cuspal sub lord of that house; 3 Whether the DBA lords are favorable or unfavorable for the event under study as per their sub lords; 4 Which sub dasa would give the marriage and which sub dasa would cause the divorce during the same dasa by only gleaning from the sub only in KP; 5 Whether a planet is the strong significator of the houses for which that planet is the cuspal sublord depending on whether there is any planet in the star of that planet; 6 What planets should be selected as the fruitful significators when the planets are the significators of many or almost all houses.

The division of star, sub and sub-sub etc as dasa, bhukti, antara and sookshma was known before to find out the timing of an event only.

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Credit goes to Guruji KSK for using these divisions up to the star and sub in the Hindu astrology for the first time to examine whether the cusps and planets are really fruitful or not. It is perhaps his expression of gratitude to the navamsa for giving the idea of nakshatra navamsa or one-ninth division of the nakshatra in the manner of Vimshotari Dasa system. The star lord effect of the dasa lord planets, i.

Without applying the influence of the sub lord in prediction and the Placidus house system in casting a horoscope, it is not KP. Also it is no more KP, if the sub is not considered as the deciding factor. In order to get the better prediction results, all the houses signified at all three levels of planet, star and sub are to be jointly considered like C. Bhatt, K. Subramanium of Sub Lord Speaks, Kanak Bosmia, Umang Taneja , for instance: 1 The houses signified at the first two levels of star and planet are going to give the desired results, if they are supported by the sub signification.

In the context of culmination of the particular event, the planet can be said to be the strongest. Here the planet is rendered weak. The planet is supposed to be average. Order of Significators 8.

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The order of significators from grade A to E preference is as follows: A B C D E Planets posited in the star of the occupant of the concerned house; Occupant of the concerned house; Planets posited in the star of the lord of the concerned house; Lord of the concerned house; Planets which are in conjunction with or aspected by the significators referring the Original Krishnamurti Padhdhati Vol. Based on the logic of a star lord being stronger than a planet and the occupant in a house being stronger than the owner of the house: A A planet in the star of the occupant of a house is stronger than the occupant and the planet is the strongest grade A significator of the house occupied by its star lord; B If there is no planet in the star of the occupant, then the occupant, grade B significator, becomes the strong grade A significator; C The planet in the star of the owner of a house, grade C significator, is stronger than the owner, grade D significator, and if the house is vacant, i.

E As the grade A significators are strongest, the weakest grade E significators are generally applied as the last resort. In this regard, Guruji KSK has encouraged to apply the Western aspects but not practically applied or explained how to deal with the nature of Western aspects like good for trine, bad for square, other than to find out the exact distance.

As another example; Moon has to give the results of Mars in the case of Mars is in conj. Tables of Significators For the attached example chart, the significators of planets are as compiled under. For the row of Sun in the above Table 1, as per the cuspal positions of the example chart, Sun is not the cuspal sub lord of any cusp and so there is no cusp for Sun in the 1st column. From the planetary positions, Sun is in the 12th house sigificator B and does not own any house as no cusp falls in Leo owned by Sun blank significator D. The empty Leo is called the intercepted sign.

Sun is in the star of Venus and sub of Saturn. Venus is in 12th significator A and lord of 1st house significator C. The sub lord does not favor the matters of 12th house as the sub signifies 11th house 12th to 12th house. Similarly, Moon is the sub lord of 7, 9th cusps in the 1st column. The 10th signification by Moon is strong with the support of 2, 6th signification by the sub Mercury. Mercury is the sub lord of 2nd cusp, in 12, lord of 2,3,6, in the star of Ketu in 4, also signifying 6,10,11,5 and in the sub of Sun in Thus Mercury is a strong significator of 12th house.

Without having any planet in its star, Jupiter is a self strong planet to give the strong Page 50 positional signification of 12th house and the additional strong signification of 10th house by being the sub lord of 10th cusp.

Saturn is strong to signify 6,10,11th houses by being in own sub. It can be found in the above Table 1 that the 1st house significators are Saturn in grade A column, Mars in grade B column, Sun in grade C column and Venus in grade D column and they are accordingly noted down in the Table 2 as shown below.

According to the grading A to D, the order of the 12th house significators is Sun, Jupituter, Venus, Mercury and Rahu but it will be changed to the order of Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Rahu, after taking into consideration of the frequency in appearance. The grading of Rahu can be moved ahead as per signification order by conjunction, aspect, star lord etc. Page 51 In the attached example chart, Rahu is in 10, in the star of Moon in 10, lord of 4,5 and in the sub of Jupiter in 12, lord of 8,9, Rahu acts as the agent of Moon in 10, lord of 4,5 by conjunction; Jupiter in 12, lord of 8,9,12 by aspect and Saturn in 6, lord of 6,10,11 by sign lord of Capricorn.

Rahu in 10, in the star of Moon in 10, lord of 4,5 and in the sub of Jupiter in 12, lord of 8,9, So Rahu is the significator of 10,4,5,12,8,9,6,11 houses. Cuspal Sub Lord Significator It has been experienced by Kuppu Ganapathi, Vaikari Ramamurthy, Kanak Bosmia and others that a planet having no planet in its star is a strong significator of the houses for which it is a cuspal sub lord. In the attached example chart, Jupiter and Rahu do not have any planet in their stars. So Jupiter is a strong significator of 10th house as it is the sub lord of 10th cusp. Rahu is the sub lord of 4, 5, 11, 12th cusps to be a strong significator of these houses.

An experience of the orb theory by K. Krishnamurti, K. Subramanium, T. Rajendra Kumar, C. Tyagaraja Iyer, K. This is not an additional significator but a shift in the signification of a house from the previous house to the next one. If a planet is supposed to have influence on both the previous house, in which the planet is physically posited, and the next house, to whose cusp the planet is close, the results of the next house may not be effective as the previous house is detrimental or Vyaya or negative to the matters of next house.

So, as per the orb theory, it is to consider Mars as if it is in the 1st house, although it is physically located in 12th house. If Mars is supposed to give the results of both 12th and 1st houses, the results of 1st house may not be effective as the 12th house is 12th or detrimental or negative to the 1st house. Page 53 Importance of Fruitful Significators 1. An event happens during the joint period of DBAS of the significators of houses under consideration. Many a time many planets and even all the 9 planets become the significators of the relevant house.

In cases where the significators of the houses under consideration exceed more than four, the really beneficial or fruitful significators amongst them are to be found out after eliminating the unimportant significators which are only tempters. This is really a very difficult task even for an experienced KP astrologer and most failures in prediction are mainly due to the wrong selection of fruitful significators.

The KP analysis starts from the cuspal sub lord for a matter that ends as an event with the help of fruitful significators. First Method 2. The first method of selecting fruitful or beneficial significators is to see the cuspal sub lord of the concerned houses, and to check which of the significators are posited in their stars.

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Those significators who are in the stars of such cuspal sub lords can be taken straightaway as fruitful significators. The rest can be dropped or eliminated by further consideration. The sub lord of the significator is the deciding factor regarding the matters of the star lord and planet. If the sub lord is harmonious to the matters indicated by the star lord and planet, the significator gives favorable results.

It is to take the planet which is posited in the sub of a significator whose star is not tenanted. If the sub lord is detrimental to the matters indicated by the star lord and planet, the significator does not give favorable results. It is to find out whether a planet is a strong significator or a weak significator in the order in which one makes the selection of the significators. For example of marriage, if a planet is not at all connected with houses 2, 7, 11, except that one of the significators aspects it, then it is a weak planet. If the sub lord of a planet is a strong significator of the matter under consideration, then that planet is to be selected as a fruitful significator.

But if the sub lord is one of the weak significators, then it is a weak planet. Second Method 5. In their order of preference or strength, the following planets are called the RPs of the time when the chart is cast and judgment undertaken: 1 2 3 4 5 Asc star lord Asc sign lord Moon star lord Moon sign lord Day lord Page 54 7. The day is from sunrise to next sunrise. The RPs are to be taken at the time of query or judgment.

Their help should be sought only when there is an urge to decide the significators which can bring out the event under consideration.

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The RP which is in the star or sub of a retrograde planet should be omitted and to take the remaining. For the purpose of selecting the fruitful significators, the lesser number of RPs, i. Even here, it is to select such of those planes which are deposited in such a sub that contributes to the matter concerned. It is also to reject such a planet which happens to be both the significator of positive and negative houses, for example of marriage, the positive houses 2, 7 and 11, and also the significator of the negative houses 12 to 2 or 7 or 11, i.

If the dasa of such significator is running, in a few cases it may not give marriage; and so the next period alone may give marriage So that method of selection of fruitful significators is always useful. Third Method The third method of selecting fruitful significators is to check each significator whether its sub lord is included in the list of the significators. If yes, such a planet can be selected as a fruitful significators or else dropped.

General Rules As a general rule, all those significators which signify 12th to the relevant houses under consideration should be rejected. The planet whose sub lord is the significator of the house negating the house concerned i. The planets which are in 6,8,12 to the concerned house are supposed not to contribute to the matters signified by such houses. Similarly any house which is in 6, 8 and 12 to any house are supposed to negate the matters governed by the house concerned.

Preference should be given to Rahu or Ketu, if it represents any significator. Conversely a planet which is not in the sub lords of the concerned houses should be treated as the weakest in producing the result. Page 55 1. Fixing the timing of event is the most difficult and important part of prediction. To get the basic idea in this regard, an example of timing has been discussed in this article.

Example Chart 2. Is marriage promised? In judging marriage potential, the possibility of 2nd marriage and child birth also can be checked. The 2nd marriage rules are checked as under: 1 7 CSL Mo is in the dual sign Sg and it signifies 7, First rule is met. Second rule assuming the 2nd house as 2nd wife is not fulfilled as 2 CSL does not signify particularly 7 legal bondage and So 2nd marriage is not promised. Third rule assuming the 9th house as 2nd wife is satisfied. House for 2nd Wife 5. There are two views on the house for 2nd wife as given under: 1 2nd house is assumed as 2nd wife by Rationale: 2nd being 8th from 7th signifies death of first spouse or 7th house matters Page 56 a Kalidasa: Utara Kalamrita, translated by Dr.

Agarwal: Practical Vedic Astrology, , page 89 2 9th house is assumed as 2nd wife by Rationale: 9th being 3rd from 7th indicates second wife as a younger sister of first one. Baskaran: Principles of Cuspal Interlinks, , page c S. Child birth is promised as 5 CSL Ve signifies 2,11, i. Fruitful Significators 7. In selecting the fruitful significators, 1 select the planets, only if both the significator and its sub lord signify the 2,7 and 11 houses, and reject those planets in the sub signifying only 1,6 and 10 as they are 12th house to the house 2,7 and 11; 2 take the planets which are among the RPs at the time of judgment.

Page 57 Ruling Planets 9. Fixing DBAS Current running Dasa is Mo from. As discussed above in point 3, Mo signifies 7,11 and is the sub of Ve signifying So Moon Dasa is capable of giving marriage. Me is rejected for being in the sub of Ma signifying 1 12 to 2 and 10 12 to 11 , without signifying 2,7 and Ke is rejected for being in the sub of Ju signifying 6 12 to 7 , without signifying 2,7 and Ve signifies 2,11 and in the sub of Sa signifying 7. Ve is also among the RPs.

So Ve is selected as a fruitful significator for Bhukti. It is rejected for being in the sub of Ma signifying 1 12 to 20 and 10 12 to 11 , without signifying 2,7 and Mo is among the RPs and so chosen as a fruitful significator for Antara. Also taking into consideration of Punarphoo by aspect of Sa on Mo, Sa is selected as a fruitful Sookshma lord. Transit Generally an event happens during the joint DBAS period of the significators when transit agrees.

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Particularly at the time of event, Sun, Moon and joint period DBAS lords are generally found to be transiting1 mainly in the star or sub of the same joint period DBAS lords; 2 additionally in the star of the significators of the event other than the joint period DBAS lords in the horoscope. Here it is not open-ended to take the signification of transiting DBAS lords which is not promised in the natal chart for them. And then for accurate timing, it is to choose the transiting Sun and Moon, which are mostly found in the star or sub of Sookshma lord at the time of event.

For slow moving planets, in addition to stars and subs, the bhavas they are transiting may be also taken into account and needless to say the subs will decide the signification of transiting planets. Here is an interesting case where Antara lord does not tally with the RPs. Question: When would I likely to get married searching for two years? Hospital- Ahmedabad, 23 N 00, 72 E 36 2. Ra 9 , aspected by Ma 6, , in the star of Mo 10, 3 , in the sub of Ve 6, Ju 8, , in the star of Ve 6, , in the sub of Ju 8, Mo 10, 3 , in the star of Ra 9 , in the sub of Ju 8, Bhukti lord Jup is in RPs and signifies 11, promising marriage.

Moon is in Kumbha and so she will be slim and good looking. As mentioned above, it would happen within 8 months from the date of judgment most probably in Rah Antara from 06 Feb to 15 Jun Next Mer Bhukti period may be too far away for a Horary prediction. Another interesting thing in this chart is that the sublord of 9 cusps including 2,7,11 for marriage is Me 5, , in the star of Mo 10,3 and in the sub of Ju 8, So 2,7,11 houses are deemed to be connected and their cuapal sublord signifies 2,11 indicating marriage. Let us wait and see what actually will happen. Natal Green Card Prediction 4.

All processes to get the US Green Card are over and some of his friends have already received it. He is also very likely to receive very soon and the question on 6 Sept is to predict the probable dates of receiving Green Card. Generally to go abroad, the 12 cuspal sublord should signify 3, 9 preferable or In addition, the Asc cuspal sublord should signify 3, 9 or 12 to settle abroad.

The significators of 3,9,12 are also to be connected to each other. Page 60 6. So the Green Card permanent stay permit with the prospect of citizenship is promised. So to get the Green, the houses 1 self effort , 4 current residence , 6 success of effort and 11 fulfillment of desire are mainly to be signified to let him stay on at the current place of residence other than to move him out by the houses 3 change in place , 9 foreign going and 12 foreign land.

Homage to that powerful something which all learned men call action karman [and which] spiritual men [call] unfathomable [but] certain and of most manifest result; homage, moreover, to those great ones who have set down the canons in which expert astrologers behold it as clearly as people [behold] their image in a spotless mirror!

Learned men! The former are the ancient and semi-mythical Garga and Satya, presumably mentioned separately as representating the categories of sages muni and ordinary Brahman authors, respectively. It should be noted in this regard that while the topics of such textbooks are often demarcated according to the significations of the twelve places, the sequential arrangement of those places is occasionally adjusted so as to group related topics together for example, social eminence and wealth , or to make chronological sense in the context of a life reading for example, by considering marriage before children, or by deferring the consideration of death to the end.

The text is thus divisible into five main sections. Chapters 1—4 deal with introductory matters and definitions; chapters 5—13 concern various aspects of the body, its health and life, relating to the first house of the horoscope but including material on illness and death, which might more properly have been assigned to the sixth and eighth houses, respectively ; chapters 14—16 discuss matters of livelihood, wealth and poverty, relating to the second house but including material on occupation and status that might have been assigned to the tenth ; and chapters 17 and 18 concern siblings and parents, relating to the third and fourth house, respectively.

There are no chapters relating to the topics of the remaining horoscopic places, including marriage the seventh house , children fifth , travels and religion ninth , friends eleventh and enemies twelfth. For the sake of convenience, I shall use the printed editions identically numbered to refer to chapters and verses, although their readings will sometimes be corrected on the basis of manuscript evidence. Among the distinguishing Graeco-Arabic doctrines related, particular mention may be made of the imperfectly transmitted characterizations of the signs as hot, cold, moist and dry 1. The passage 1.

These verses are arranged topically; but in 2. So Jupiter was collecting their light in the angle, in the place of the sought thing: it indicated victory based on the assistance of a sage or man entering between them: they will come to terms through him. The three Sanskrit versions are strikingly similar; but while there can be no doubt that the Mughal-era authors all ultimately depend for their example on Sahl, there are sufficient differences between the Arabic and Sanskrit versions to assume that the latter derive from a common, intermediate version rather than directly from the Introduction.

We shall return to this scenario below. The lots constitute a method of assigning concrete meanings to different areas of the zodiac, and may have begun as an alternative to the twelve-house system; 55 as the number of lots increased during the medieval period, their significations often grew more specific. Even disregarding slight variations between the initial list 4. This lot appears from the earliest times to have been associated with the moon. From these two lots were derived two others, those of love and necessity, forming a tetrad found in several Hellenistic and early Arabic sources.

Similar formulae were then devised for the remaining planets, producing the lots here called valour Mars , bondage Saturn , and—with some variation—renown Jupiter. The remaining lots—including those of illness sixth house and friends eleventh house —appear to have been added more or less haphazardly to this list, perhaps from several sources.